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Mut zur Wut
Susann Freund
The table lamp “Wutentbrannt” is part of a collection of objects that have been created as part of a study on anger. In the spirit of physics “Where there is pressure, air must go!”   they offer a valve in “furious” situations to calm down and let off steam. Thanks to the flexible spring shaft and soft silicone head “Wutentbrannt” helps to cope with stress at work and find humour in “enraged” moments.

Florian Manz
“Grünnetz” focuses on the main railway station. Like a second skin, it adapts to the areal and transforms it into a green net. Open gaps are filled with sedum plants or grasses. The blank space between the plant and the construction allows the former to develop freely. The green spaces are not farmed and thus enable various types of plants to settle.

Pia Schäfer
Poison. The streets are dark. A black foil is being stretched inches above the heads. Indeed, this intervention provokes. Yet, it enables to critically question entrenched structures and to offer new ideas and concepts with regard to public space. a space shall be created where encounters are originated and which shall strengthen responsibility for and identification with the neighbourhood.

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