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Do modern and above all large cities have local colour, do they have their own colour identity?

To analyse this issue, in summer 2015, Prof. Markus Petnar travelled for 3 months through 22 European cities in 10 countries on a north-south axis and investigated their colour characteristics.

The colour of landscapes is typical for the different regions. Their colours are determined by the local flora, geological and climatic features. Rural communities often reflect the colour of the surrounding landscapes, they are constructed using regional materials. One of the layers of the concept of home is that the familiarity of place and colour “in the eye of the observer,” who frequently is a native, merge into the perceived identity of a place: the so-called home colour or local colour, as it was called before this concept became a synonym for a local-social milieu.

The goal was to find the respective local colour through panoramic photos made at twelve selected observation points in each city that were subsequently converted into pixel diagrams using special photo software. Summary: The cities are highly similar but differ in detail. Highly visible common colours can be found more in the north than in the south.

Prof. Markus Pretnar told about his trip and his experiences during a lecture evening in the Zentrum Baukultur in the Brückenzentrum on June 20, 2016.
Further topics and lecturers of the evening: “Local Colour and Landscape” (Dipl. Ing. Hermann- Josef Ehrenberg), “Colour” (Prof. Gerhard Meerwein), “Local Colour on the Stage” (Susanne
Müller-Staufen). After this there was an opportunity for discussions over wine and pretzels.

Documentation of the research trip with many photos and descriptions of the individual cities: Lokalkolorit
Input and interview in the “SWR Landesschau”: broadcast in the media library
Publication in the “Allgemeinen Zeitung”: Lokalkolorit


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