PechaKucha Night 038@HS-Mainz


In the context of the TDI (Tag der Innenarchitektur) (Day of Interior Design) and in close cooperation with the DAM – Deutsches Architekturmuseum (German Museum of Architecture) and Jazzunique (communication agency), for the firts time a PechaKucha Night was held in Mainz:


Meanwhile, “PechaKucha Nights” are widely known even beyond the creative scene. Artists, designers, architects and other creative persons from the region come together to submit to the “PechaKucha Law”:

Everyone holds the stage for precisely 6:40 minutes. Supported by software, 20 images are projected onto a screen, each for exactly 20 seconds. And this is precisely the time the performer has to say something about the images. Creative minds thus present their projects, ideas and vision at high speed.

The audience could look forward to a varied evening with exciting performers and interesting and witty presentations.

1. Björn Hekmati | www.olsonhekmati.de | Olson&Hekmati
2. Anna Hagel | www.hagel-interior-concepts.com | Hagel Interior Concepts
3. Albrecht Tiefenbacher | www.tiefbild.de
4. Peter Körner | www.international-highrise-award.com | Internationaler Hochhauspreis (International Highrise Award)
5. Marianne Statt & Tobias Scheeder | www.tunnelflieger.de | Tunnelflieger
6. Nikolas Fliedner | www.jazzunique.de/de/agentur/team/nikolas-fliedner | Jazzunique
7. Sarah Rossbach & Raimund Ziemer | www.markgraph.de | Atelier Markgraph
8. Ann-Kathrin Vollmers & Maxim Abrossimow | www.schlechteeltern.de | Von Schlechten Eltern
9. Roger Christ | www.christ-christ.cc
10. Petra Runau & Margit Vollmert | www.caparol.de
11. Mario Furlanello | www.menufaktur.de | menufaktur
12. Dieter Brell | www.3deluxe.de | 3deluxe

Afterwards the student body of the department organised a barbecue and salad buffet to round off the day together, enjoying a glass of wine or beer, tasty food and pleasant conversation.

SoSe 2016

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