Master-Studiengang Kommunikation im Raum

Hochschule Mainz

Experimentieren. Forschen. Realisieren.

Interdisziplinäre Projektarbeit – mal praxisbezogen, mal forschungsorientiert – prägt das Innenarchitekturstudium an der Hochschule Mainz.

Das Ergebnis: Studentische Arbeiten, die ebenso vielfältig wie einzigartig sind.

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Within our curriculum, we enable students to develop individually and to position themselves in a broad field of activities as designers in space. In practice-oriented project work, the interdisciplinary teaching team imparts a deep and wide-ranging understanding of artistic-constructive interior design.

Bachelor degree course in interior design University of Mainz

The 7-semester full-time course Interior Design B.A. at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz reflects the great versatility of the interior design profession in its modular structure. With a holistic curriculum, we enable students to work in a practice-oriented and project work structure with the help of the multidisciplinary teaching team which imparts a broad knowledge in all relevant fields of interior design.

This can be further deepened in our 3-semester master’s degree course in spatial communication.

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Hochschule Mainz, Studentin im Materialarchiv

Master's programme Communication in Space University of Mainz

The 3-semester full-time study programme Communication in Space M.A. is aimed at graduates of a bachelor or diploma course in the fields of interior design, architecture and similar design courses who would like to expand their expertise in specific topics. The core topic of the interdisciplinary design and implementation tasks is an experimental examination of architectural spaces as a communication medium. In small group sizes, students receive optimal support from our collaborative teaching team. After two years of professional practice, the Master's degree entitles students to enter the chamber as interior designers.

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Hochschule Mainz, Wahlfach Spitzendecke, Master Entwurf, Akustik + Licht von Hannah Schröder


Experiment. Realize. Develope. Interdisciplinary work processes - sometimes practice-oriented, sometimes research-oriented - characterises the interior design studies at Mainz University. Every semester, our students work on a topic with interdisciplinary supervision. Innovative issues are discussed, practical skills are learned and all disciplines necessary for implementation are brought together. The result: student work that is as diverse as it is unique. They bear witness to a teaching in which the personal development and creative freedom of the student is given great emphasis.

Overview Student Work — BA
Overview Student Work — MA

Hochschule Mainz, Visualisierung von Isabel Mandler, Tadao Ando


Why here and not somewhere else? Studying interior design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz prepares you optimally for your future professional life. The boundaries between the individual design disciplines are increasingly giving way to integrative design practice. Complex tasks and processes require a stronger networking of professional fields and collaborative work. With an interdisciplinary teaching team, close cooperation with the Communication Design and Time-Based Media degree courses and a research-oriented design teaching, our department is geared precisely to this development.

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Design in a quiet little room? Not with us. The department of design thrives on the lively exchanges between students and teachers; between different semesters and courses; between the university, business sector and the public. We regularly present our study courses and the work of our students at trade fairs, competitions and to external project partners. Several times a year we open the Holzstraße Campus for special events such as information days, exhibitions and celebrations.

The university's exhibition pavilion LUX forms a transparent interface between the faculty and the city. All three departments present themselves to the public in the centrally located showroom on Schillerplatz. Two fully glazed floors are continuously used for exhibitions, symposia and workshops. In addition, our interior design students regularly exhibit at other venues in Mainz, such as the Staatstheater or the Zentrum für Baukultur.

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Hochschule Mainz, Studierende im Gespräch im Innenhof

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